Pic of the Week 5/13/16: Waurika Lake Thunderstorm

May 13, 2016  •  1 Comment

Pic of the Week 5/13/16

"Waurika Lake Thunderstorm"

Location: Waurika, OK

Date Taken: 5/12/16


Waurika Lake ThunderstormWaurika Lake Thunderstorm

I did not get around to posting a Pic of the Week on Thursday like I normally do. Usually I'll upload the photo and write a blog post Wednesday night and schedule it for the next day. But I was out and about looking for something to photograph. I drove out to Waurika Lake to photograph some distant thunderstorms and maybe the occasional lightning strike. Severe storms were firing up earlier that afternoon near Hamlin, TX and I was at work. I really debated on driving down there to maybe catch to storm after I was off work. But ultimately I made the decision to stay home and save some gas money. Around 10pm I stepped outside on my apartment balcony and saw the tops of some storms off to the northwest. A quick look at the radar app on my phone showed me how far away the storms were and how fast they were moving. I grabbed all my gear, jumped in my car, and sped off towards Oklahoma. When I arrived at Waurika Lake I could see the constant flashes of lightning, but no bolts. I set up my shot and found a composition I liked with the lake in the foreground with a nice reflection. There were storms all around me and I could pick and choose which storm I wanted to photograph. The storm to my immediate north was producing the most lightning. I set my camera to interval timer shooting and waited for some lightning to strike. I managed to come back with this shot and I was actually quite pleased. I wish I could've been on the storm a little bit sooner, but I am very happy with the image I captured. 


Your photographs are amazing!
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