Pic of the Week 7/8/16: "Colorful Colorado: Dallas Divide Panorama"

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Dallas Divide PanoramaDallas Divide Panorama © Ben Jacobi

I’m going to let the photo speak for itself with this one. This one on my drive back home from my four-day vacation to NM, AZ, and UT. I decided to take the long way home through Colorado. I drove from Moab, UT to Ridgway and then south on Highway 550, or the “Million Dollar Highway” as it’s also known. When crossing into Colorado I could see way off in the distance some mountain peaks, but they didn’t really look like the Rockies. I followed the road as we curved and turned up and down the mesas between Bedrock and Norwood, CO. When I made the turn out of Norwood I saw my first real look at the impressive mountain range. I was still 40miles from Ridgway and I could see the peaks off in the distance. Eventually, I came to a spot when I crossed Ouray County and had to pull over and take some photos. This area is known as “Dallas Divide”. I remember thinking to myself “This sure doesn’t look like Dallas”.  I saw this scene of the Sneffels Mountain range with the dandelion flowers and decided to shoot a panorama to capture the entire scene. The wide expansive view really helps bring in the perspective of those massive 13,000+ft elevation peaks. Crystal clear blue skies, majestic purple mountains, behind a lush green meadow, with little yellow flowers speckled across the foreground and the only title I could think of was "Colorful Colorado". I continued down Highway 62 to Ridgway and followed Highway 550 south to Durango. This was one of my favorite stops during the trip. There is so much beauty in that mountain pass and I can see why it is named the "Million Dollar Highway". Maybe one day I will be able to get out there during fall or winter. Either way the 70F temperatures sure beat the Texas heat! 



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