Leonel Torino(non-registered)
Excellent photo! Very professional.
Kista Jacobi Taylor(non-registered)
Ben. ... you have an amazing talent. I have enjoyed looking through your shared photographs. Gorgeous work.
Hey Ben, very nice work!! I AM AMAZED! ... And thank you for the lighthouse pics too.

Very best regards,
Kasey Humphries(non-registered)
thank you so much for the help with the settings for the moon. I have not taken a picture in Auto since I took your class. I'm having so much fun with my camera.
Eleanor Thompson(non-registered)
Used to be Chad's neighbor.. took you home on occasion.. I am so please with your work.. I don't see these beautiful things until someone like you has photographed them.. I knew you were doing great with this but these are near perfect.. keep it up
Lance Dunn(non-registered)
Love yourwork. Thanks for sharing. If you are ever in Post give me a shout...some very cool stuff to shoot.
lee ann stallcip(non-registered)
Love following your work...beautiful photographs
Chad Marrier(non-registered)
You rock my socks!
trying to sell nature photos and would like to know how to get started
Carolyn Milford Gilbert(non-registered)
How you manage to capture the instantaneous events in these photos I don't know. I only know it is remarkable. Thanks for sharing your marvelous talent!
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