09/02/10 Severe Thunderstorms in Wichita Coutny...

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Satellite image of Hurricane Earl passing to the east of North Carolina. Earl was partly responsible for our thunderstorms we had this week.
A cold front was forecast to advance through our forecast area. Tropical moisture had also moved in our area thanks to Hurricane Earl. This spawned off scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon. The cold front caught up to these storms and formed into a squall line late evening. I was working at Radioshack and I remember hearing our display of weather radios all going off warning us about the severe weather on the way. There was a high wind report during this time, so I was unable to observe it, but I did watch the storm advance and got a few good gusts myself. Here is my quick report.

Radar image of the squall line. This was about 10min after the high wind report.

Velocity scan shows a very outflow dominant storm. This is where I experienced some moderate to high winds.

Report of a 76mph wind gust in Wichita Falls. Amazingly, there was no power loss at our location!

The shelf cloud and distant core advancing over us. I like how the lightning lit up the core in an eerie bluish glow. There was a report of dime to quarter size hail at this point.

Anvil crawler lightning stretches across the night sky. This was my only decent lightning capture the entire night.

NWS preliminary storm reports. Wichita Falls has the highest recorded wind gust, with Edmund coming in second (75mph). Lawton had the only hail report with quarter size (1.00 in).


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