Cloud Formations Thanks to Hermine...

September 08, 2010  •  Leave a Comment
As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Tropical depression Hermine came through our forecast area. In fact the central area of circulation was over my home town, Wichita Falls, TX. Extensive cloud cover and precipitation limited instability. Therefore, the SPC was not too worried about severe weather. Low level shear profiles would support an isolated, weak tornado threat. This was enough to get me interested in a chase. I originally targeted Gainsesville, TX. I did get diverted to some developing storms near Jacksboro and Montague, TX. I should have stuck with my original target. Around 7:30pm a report came in of a brief tornado touchdown two miles north of Lindsay, TX! Oh well, that is how it goes sometimes. Though I didn't capture the tornado I still came back with some decent photos.

Hopefully we will have another chase before winter.

Thanks for viewing.

Outside of Henrietta, TX on US 82 I saw this scene with the desolate barn, rolled up hay bales, and feeder bands from Hermine. I had to pull over to capture this image.
Sunlight! The sun briefly came out and thunderstorms started to form along the feeder bands.

We had an incredible amount of moisture. Our dewpoints reached a max of 76! The result was very low bases. In this picture you can see how close the ragged base is to the Texas prairie.

Towers start to form in the feeder bands.

I really liked this capture. Beautiful front light created a very contrasty sky. I only wish the power lines weren't there, Grrr...

Wider shot to reveal all the unique cloud formations.


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