Pic of the Week 11/17/16: Sunset at Lake Wilhilmena, AR

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Pic of the Week: 11/17/16

"Sunset at Lake Wilhilmena, AR"

Date taken: 11/09/14

Location: Lake Wilhilmena, AR


Over the past few weeks I have been very busy photographing in different locations. I've been shooting and moving so much I haven't really had time to edit all my new photos, but I will have a few days off next week to get caught up. Not to mention, this is usually the time of year I slow down. The days are already getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. Aside from a few meteor showers I don't have any shoots planned. It'll be nice to slow down for a bit and get caught up. I've had an incredible year and photographed some truly amazing locations. But for now I will have to bring your attention to two years ago at the close of our fall foliage trip in Arkansas. 


After two excellent days of shooting the autumn colors in Ouachita Forest my mother and I started off the 5hr journey back home to Texas. We drove the Talimena Scenic Byway, traversed the gravely roads to Little Missouri River and Crooked Creek Falls, woke early to see the sunrise from Grandview Vista, and explored the areas of the upper and lower Costatot River. It was already a jam-packed trip, but I still wanted to capture a sunset photo. The plan was to photograph the sunset at Lake Wilhilmena with light hitting the Ouachita Mountains and reflecting in the lake. We arrived about an hour before sunset and I set out to find my composition and photo that would bring our trip to a close. I found this nice spot underneath an oak tree just on the edge of the lake. I was able to position my camera so that grass and tree would frame the mountains and lake in the photo. This had to be one of my favorite shots from the series. Though getting it was a bit of a challenge, to get the super smooth look on the water I used my variable neutral density filter to drag the shutter and blur the water, but sometimes the wind would blow and the branches would be blurry. So I had to time it just right between the wind blowing and the sunset light. Believe me, 8sec feels like an eternity when you're hoping the wind won't blow during your shot. After some luck and persistence I got the image that I had hoped for. A colorful sunset with a nice reflection in the lake and a tree with changing autumn leaves overhanging the scene. Such a peaceful moment and one that I will cherish of a lifetime. 


Sunet at Lake Wilhilmena, ARSunet at Lake Wilhilmena, ARPeaceful sunset on Lake Wilhilmena.

© Ben Jacobi


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