Photography by Ben Jacobi | Pic of the Week 12/8/16: Transition

Pic of the Week 12/8/16: Transition

December 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

Pic of the Week: 12/01/16


Date taken: 12/06/13

Location: Wichita Falls, TX


Well, the colder weather has finally arrived and it now truly feels like winter. As I type this blog post I can hear the wind gusting outside my door. This colder air will certainly affect my photography but December is the time I start to look back on the year and see what photos I've captured and what lessons I've learned along the way. I feel this photo best summarizes my thinking behind this change. Transition was captured one cold evening on the road outside of my apartment. On the previous night we experienced our first hard freeze of the season. Temps went from highs around 55 to a high around 37 overnight. As the cold front moved through the wind picked up knocking some leaves off the trees. This leaf ended up covered in ice on the asphalt the next morning. When I returned home from work later that day most of the ice had melted, but there were still some patches in a few spots. I returned to the leaf from earlier that morning and found it just barely poking out a layer of ice its skin frost bitten and withered, but it still kept its vibrant color. It was a really interesting image. The light was just right to reveal all the details and textures in the ice and the leaf. And the blue and orange complimentary colors made for a striking contrast. But what appealed most to me was the message--the transition. There's something almost encouraging about this photo. We all go through "winters" in our lives. Times when things are cold, and lifeless where we don't see any growth and stagnate. But the important thing to remember is that its just a transition into the next season of our lives.


TransitionTransition © Ben Jacobi


Beautiful and poetic.
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