Photography by Ben Jacobi | Pic of the Week 2/16/17: Quartz Mountain Lodge

Pic of the Week 2/16/17: Quartz Mountain Lodge

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Pic of the Week 2/16/17
"Quartz Mountain Lodge"
Date taken: 2/14/16
Location: Quartz Mountain State Park Lone Wolf, OK

I exhaled sharply as I heaved my camera bag over my head and up onto the rock ledge. It wasn't a long hike, but it was steep. Plus I had only gotten a few hours of rest before it was time to get up and shoot sunrise. I had spent most of the night in the cold shooting star trails and the milky way. There was a brief period where I could rest. Although it did not last very long. I tossed and turned in the front seat of my car until I finally got comfortable and my eyes started to drop. I swear it was only a few seconds before I was rudely awakened by my alarm on my cell phone. 2hrs before sunrise it was time to get up and start hiking to be there in time for the blue hour.

So there I was on top of this hill a couple hundred feet above the surrounding landscape. I looked down to see the Quartz Mountain Lodge and Fine Arts Center with the Twin Peaks standing in the the background. More mountains could be seen way off in the horizon hugging closely to the shore of Lake Altus-Lugert. I walked around for a while looking for a good composition and once I found it I started setting my gear up and waited. It was still a while before sunrise and I was concerned the clouds off to our south and east might ruin our chances for some good color in the sky. But as sunrise got closer it started to clear to the east. When the sun broke the horizon the thin cirrus clouds hanging above the mountains ignited in a fiery warm glow. The clouds added some nice texture to the sky and made the landscape appear even more dramatic.

I sat up on the ledge eating my breakfast and shooting photos. It was nice and quiet with no one else around. I love being the only one to experience these moments they make them that much more special. One of my favorite quotes is by Ansel Adams who said, "Sometimes I show up just when God is ready for someone to press the shutter." I feel this is very true for me and its in these isolated and wonderful moments that I feel the closest to him. 


Quartz Mountain LodgeQuartz Mountain LodgeStunning view of the lodge, the arts center, lake Altus, and Twin Peaks at Quartz Mountain State Park. © Ben Jacobi


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