Photography by Ben Jacobi | Pic of the Week 5/18/17: 5/16/17 Supercell Panorama

Pic of the Week 5/18/17: 5/16/17 Supercell Panorama

May 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Pic of the Week 5/18/17

"5/16/17 Supercell Panorama"

Date taken: 5/16/17

Location: Highway 6 near Red River


Due to the possibility of a storm chase the next few days I will be posting a short write up on the blog today. Earlier this week I took some friends on mine storm chasing and we intercepted an isolated supercell in northern, TX and followed in into southern, OK. This was the first real view we had of the storm and I opted to shoot a wide format panorama to record the scene. I shot and stitched 7 images to make this panorama. It was really quite a tranquil scene with the sunlight behind the updraft and flanking tower of the storm. We watched the crepuscular rays dance around the top of the towers behind a nice blue sky. The hay bales off in the distance added more dimension and depth of the scene and helped scale in the mountainous updraft tower surging into the sky. More storm chasing today and tomorrow so maybe I'll have some more pics next week. Enjoy! 


© Ben Jacobi


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