Pic of the Week 11/15/19: Foggy Morning Sunrise

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Pic of the Week 11/15/19

“Foggy Morning Sunrise”

Location: Beavers Bend State Park, OK

Date taken: 11/10/19


Foggy Morning SunriseStunning sunrise from Eagle Point on Broken Bow Lake in Beavers Bend State Park. © Ben Jacobi

Wow! What a wonderful weekend I had with my girlfriend in Beavers Bend State Park! This was Ashlee’s first visit out to the southeastern OK forest, and it was a good one. Beavers Bend were having their annual Fall Festival this weekend which had me worried camping was going to be limited. I knew where I wanted to camp but was mentally preparing myself in case we couldn’t get to our site. To maximize our chance of getting a campsite, I wanted to leave work by 12:30 on Saturday. It is a 4.5hr drive to Beavers Bend.

Unfortunately, I was unable to leave at the time I wanted which delayed our departure, but it all worked out anyways. Despite being behind schedule and an unexpected stop in Gainesville, TX we reached Beavers Bend State Park. And most importantly when we arrived on site, I was shocked to see there were plenty of campsites available! The campsite I really wanted was being used, but we picked one very close by. I was ecstatic that we found a site in the area.

We set up camp and turned in for the night. Low temperatures were forecast to be around 37F that evening, so we went to bed early to try and stay warm through the night. Around 5am I awoke to sound of crickets chirping and water lapping at the shoreline. The gentle rolling waves splashed along the rocky shore. It was so peaceful, though something in that splashing awoke the “call of nature” in me and I had to excuse myself to a nearby conifer about 100 ft from the camp.

Outside some stars were visible, but a thick layer of gray fog engulfed the distant landscape. This gave me hope we would be in for a terrific sunrise. After a brief hour of sleep, it was time to get up and get ready for the sunrise. I scrambled out of the tent and got my gear together and headed towards the shore. It wasn’t long before I found my composition. Off in the distance that heavy fog layer was rolling over the lake below a cobalt blue sky. As dawn drew closer the warm glow of the sun began to break the horizon and confirmed my suspicion that we would be in for a good show.

There was a point where the fog moved over our location and I thought we would get clouded out, but thankfully we stayed put and were rewarded for our persistence. The sun began to rise and sent beams of golden/pink light throughout the landscape around us. The fog was brilliantly backlit by the morning sun and glowed with a fiery orange hue above the lake. It really was sublime. I shot several frames during the whole sunrise, but this was what I believed to be the zenith of the event. The light, fog, lake, and mood all came together wonderfully in this image.

We finished up our sunrise shoot and tore down camp before moving more into Beavers Bend State Pak. There we did a short hike exploring some of the waterfalls and rapids of the Mountain Fork River and instead of going on our second hike of the day, we decided to drive to Eisenhower state park in time for sunset. All in all it was a great trip and I have many more photos to share!



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