Pic of the Week 1/23/20: High Falls Gorge

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Pic of the Week 1/23/20

“High Falls Gorge”

Location: Wilmington, NY

Date taken: 1/13/17


Its hard to believe that its been three years since my aunt Becky’s passing. One of my cousins shared some photos she took. An avid nature lover, she picked up photography as a hobby. In fact, I would receive photos with any birthday or Christmas cards she would send my way. I could hear the excitement in her voice as I read her messages. Three years ago she finished her battle against cancer, and we flew to upstate New York to our respects. To pay homage to this incredible woman, I revisited and photographed some of her favorite sites in the Adirondack mountains. She loved the Adirondack wilderness and she always talked about how beautiful it is in the winter. My dad joined me on this all-day trip.

One of our stops was along the Ausable River and a very popular tourist place, High Falls Gorge. The river has carved through the rock to form a deep crevice where four waterfalls cascade down the gorge. This was my dad’s first time visiting this location. We walked into the office to get tickets for the trail. After signing our waivers and putting on our Yaktrax we were on our way to the waterfall. The last time I visited High Falls Gorge it was summer and the whole area was covered with bright green moss that gleamed in the sunlight. Now, I was here in the middle of winter and I was more than excited to see all the ice formations this area was known for.

We made our way down the walkway, taking our time and trying not to slip on any of the ice. When we reached the overlook, I noticed that I forgot my tripod quick release plate for my camera. This meant I couldn’t use my tripod for a long exposure. A little disappointed, we made it back to the office and I ran out to the car to get my quick release plate. My dad decided to hang back in the office while I returned to the overlook to get my shots. Again, I carefully, but hurriedly, walked to the overlook—this time with all the right gear. Now that everything was in place I shot several exposures of this classic view of the waterfall. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the photos I took the first summer I was there, but I certainly recognize the composition and location. It is a pretty obvious shot. The wild water from the Ausable River careens down the craggy cliffs and collects in pools down the river. The water stuck to the surrounding rock and froze in these interesting ice formations. It was a fun and somber trip for me, but I am glad that I finally got to see the Adirondacks during the winter.  

High Falls Gorge

© Ben Jacobi


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