Pic of the Week 4/16/21: Gorman Falls #2

April 16, 2021  •  1 Comment

Pic of the Week 4/16/21

“Gorman Falls #2”

Location: Gorman Falls, Colorado Bend State Park, TX

Date taken: 4/9/17


Gorman Falls #2Gorman Falls #2

© Ben Jacobi


In keeping with the theme of the previous blog entry, I am once again looking back on photo adventure due to the lack of recent work. Though I am hoping for an exciting weekend hunting bluebonnets. If everything goes well, I should have some new and exciting images to share with everyone in time for the next Pic of the Week. Today’s image was one that had remained undeveloped on my hard drive dating back to 2017.

My mother and I made an awesome visit to the Texas hill country and among all the amazing locations we saw, nothing compared to Gorman Falls in Colorado Bend State Park. I have written about this location before and while I was quite happy with main shot I captured, I was always drawn to this composition. The only problem was the amount of distracting tree branches that protruded from the bottom parts of the image. The other day when I was looking at these images I once again found myself staring back at this photo. “There is a better shot in here” I thought to myself as I examined the photo. I don’t know why it took me this long to see it, but within all that chaos a simple, pleasing composition revealed itself in the scene. All it took was my changing the crop from rectangle to a square and voila—the image appeared!

The natural archway of the tree branch perfectly frames the moss and lichen-covered rock in nice early morning sunlight, bringing even more attention to the unusual travertine formation. Slivers of silver rain down from the top of the photo in long strips of smooth water and showcase the main attraction of the park, Gorman Falls. Surrounded by all the lush greenery and vegetation its hard to believe I was just 4 hours away from my home. To quote myself from my previous blog entry of Gorman Falls, “You truly feel like you're in a tropical or rain forest setting when standing here. It was so beautiful and peaceful.” Although I am a little saddened I haven’t been producing much new work, I was glad to renew my creative spirit by looking through some more inspirational locations. I hope to return to Gorman Falls again real soon!



So wonderful that you found this image because it is beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for sharing.
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