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Light reveals itself in darkness.
2015 Geminids Meteor ShowerOnce in a Lifetime CaptureMilkyway PanoramaAdministration Building: Ft. Griffin, TXPrickly Pear Nightscape2015 Perseids Meteor Shower: Palo Duro Canyon, TXUntitled2015 Lunar Eclipse: Palo Duro Canyon, TXMilky Way: BenJamin, TXSt. John's Chapel Milky WayStar Trails Quarz MountainD.S. Dudley Home: Mankins, TXStarry Skies Over Palo Duro CanyonMilky Way over the WichitasLighthouse MilkywayTule Canyon NightscapeFt Griffin Night SceneMilkyway and Blood Moon: Palo Duro CanyonNighttime MagicSt John's Chapel Milkyway #2